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    The Call History page gives you a quick overview of how much each call has cost you, visible by month. You can also choose to clear your call history if you wish.

    iPhone FooCall call history

    Accessing your call history

    If at any time you wish to see your FooCall calling history, you can do so via the History screen. Just tap the More button, and History from the More screen.

    This will show a list of the months you have made a call in, with Current representing the current month.

    iPhone FooCall call history breakdown

    Open Individual Call History

    Tap a month to see a list of the calls you made in that month. To see an individual call breakdown for any of the calls listed, just tap the blue circle to the right of the call. You will now see the call details of your international destination, as well as the duration, time and date, and the call cost.

    Should you wish to print out your call history, you can do so by logging into your FooCall account via our website at foocall.com, and clicking the Call history link on the right hand side.

    iPhone FooCall delete call history

    Delete Call History

    If you wish to clear your complete call history, then you can do so from the History screen. Just tap the Clear History button at the top of the screen. Be careful though, this isn’t reversible, so please be sure you want to clear your history beforehand.

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