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    Many of us prefer to pay-as-we-go with our mobile phones but there are a number of benefits if you’re happy to enter into a mobile phone contract. Cheaper domestic call rates, bundled free minutes and texts, internet data connectivity and an number of freebies and upgrades, all come the way of the pay monthly mobile phone consumer.

    Sure, there’s no big news there but did you know that with a pay monthly contract mobile phone you could also benefit from really cheap international calling? For example, if you have a pay monthly contract mobile phone with free inclusive minutes and an inclusive internet data plan, all you need to do is join FooCall and your international calls will be incredibly low, for example:

    10 minute call to USA with FooCall on pay monthly mobile contract mobile phone:

    > Connecting to www.foocall.mobi from your mobile phone internet browser could be free as part of your contract

    > To make a 10 minute call with your grandmother in the USA you would actually call a local number –this could be free as part of your bundled minutes

    > FooCall then automatically connects you to your grandmother in the USA and charges you just 0.6p per minute!

    > Total for pay monthly call to USA: 6p!

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    Watch our ‘How to make a call video tutorial

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